Best baby toys for toddlers

A best baby toy does not mean having the best brand of baby toy in the market. The best baby toys are something that fits to the child’s type of play. Children play differently depending on their age group. It is a fact that a child learns best through play. A pediatrician believes that the best baby toys will substantially help learn to develop their motor skills as well as their cognitive thinking. That is why parents must provided their child or baby with the best baby toy Parents must also be aware that this action would be significant to babies since help will help them in their developmental process. On the other hand, during one to three years old is the most crucial age for children. During the toddler stage, a child plays like anyone else but the toddler actually starts to discover more about the surroundings. Proving the best baby toys for toddlers is essential for the toddler’s development. Let’s discover the significance of allowing toddler to play with the best baby toy for his or her age.

Best baby toys: importance for toddlers

A toddler views everything as play. Playing and learning new skill are natural for toddlers . Balance and motor coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills are polished in this stage. Best baby toys that a toddler plays would help them in the progression of the following skills learned. An example of best baby toys for a toddler is a bicycle baby toys. A bicycle would help toddlers in developing their balance and coordination. Muscle strength is also improved as well as they try to stand on either side of the bicycle. Moreover, the toddler can learn how to coordinate both the lower and upper extremities as they kick the pedals and steer the handlebar. On the other hand, another best baby toy ideal for a toddler is a jump rope. A jump rope takes practice in order to properly create a rhythm of swinging the rope by the hands and jumping over it. A toddler who plays a jump rope will benefit most on developing hand and feet coordination. A ball in the other hand can also be considered as a best baby toy for toddlers since one of the skills developed during the toddler stage is throwing a kicking a ball. Although these skills are not really complicated, a toddler will be able to develop muscles as he or she kick or throws a ball.

Safety: best baby toys

Statistics says that the most common accident for toddlers is poisoning and chocking. This is because toddlers experience pica or eating inedible stuff because they are curious about it. A toddler’s toy is commonly chewed. The best baby toys for toddlers must not have small parts in it to prevent them from ingesting it. The material used must also be non-toxic and safe for toddler to chew on. Parents must take into account the importance of providing the best baby toys for their child. If unsure about what is the best baby toys for your child, it is better to ask advice from pediatricians who knows well about the developmental process happening to you child.

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